Software Solutions for thethe Sex Industry

Compliance, Trust & Decentralisation

We regulate, modernize and tokenize the oldest business of humanity.

bitcci liberates the sex industry from conflicts and problems and establishes a new, modern culture of acceptance, transparency, trust and free self-determination.

We optimise, regulate and decentralise the entire industry, develop new business areas, introduce innovative technologies and make the industry and all its participants free and safe.

bitcci & Blockchain News

News from the bitcci ecosystem and the Blockchain World.

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bitcci Projects & Services

We create a new, global network of bitcci Clubs, IT Systems, Portals, App & Cloud Solutions and Blockchain based Financial Services for the next generation Sex Industry.

New IT solutions at Bank level

bitcci systems develops high performance, high secure and compliant IT solutions for the bitcci ecosystem, our group companies and close business partners.

  • Cloud Server Infrastructures
  • Club Management IT Systems
  • APIs for government authorities
  • Blockchain based IT Solutions
  • AI driven Technologies

Portals, Apps & Cloud solutions

Based on the bitcci Systems IT platform we develop Portals, native Apps and content management solutions on the latest technical level.

  • Web Solutions for Clubs, Escort Providers and Marketers.
  • Live Audio & Video Communication Infrastructures
  • Integrated Blockchain based payment Systems.
  • Affiliate- and Landingpage Solutions
  • Frontends & User Interfaces
  • Native Smartphone Apps for iOS & Android

Consulting, Traffic & Analytics

The bitcci Agency is one or the leading Partners for the european commercial love industry. We offer the whole range of professional Agency services, from campaign creation to realisation and success analytics.

  • Creation, Consulting & Analytics
  • Branding, Media & Image Strategies
  • Viral Marketing Campaigns
  • International Affiliate Programs

Blockchain based Payment Systems

In close cooperation with our fully regulated and licenced fintech partners we create a high performance payment system, wich is especially developed for needs of the sex industry.

  • Works with FIAT and all major Cryptocurrencies
  • Very Easy to use, Fast & Safe
  • Fully Compliant and regulated
  • Integrated in all bitcci Platforms
  • Prepared for withdrawals from the NEW bitcci ATMs

The bitcci News Channel.
Live in Q1 /2021

bitcci.TV is a dedicated internet-based TV channel on which female anchors present the latest news from the bitcci ecosystem and important Blockchain news. Live 2 times a week in a modern, sexy way. The programmes are editorially prepared to appeal all partners of the bitcci ecosystem, Escort Girls, Customers, Investors, Affiliates, Marketing Experts, Exchanges and Authorities. We already expand our existing team for our live studio operations, content creation, guest interviews, live streaming & interaction with viewers etc. bitcci.TV will go live in the first Quarter of 2021.

bitcci Group AG

Parent Company

Dr. Grass-Strasse 12
9490 Vaduz

Register-Nr.: FL-0002.050.894-4

bitcci Token AG

Tokenisation Company

Dr. Grass-Strasse 12
9490 Vaduz

Register-Nr.: FL-0002.651.136-2

bitcci AG

Software Dev. Company

Gotthardstrasse 26
6300 Zug

Register-Nr.: CHE-357.876.385
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